The Belgian company BuzziSpace was established in 2007
The new brand’s designs became a worldwide hit almost immediately, as they responded to the global need to bring silence and style to the office. BuzziSpace designs can be used in changing environments worldwide: our offices, houses and other collaborative spaces are becoming increasingly compact and we are opting more frequently for open-plan spaces.

Making day-to-day life better in every way
The brand combines aesthetics and noise reduction, thanks to the sound-absorbing eco-felt used in the designs, making day-to-day life better in every way. BuzziSpace has branches worldwide with showrooms in Chicago, Atlanta, Sydney, London and Rotterdam, and, of course, its HQ in Antwerp, Belgium. BuzziSpace recently opened a production unit in High Point, North Carolina in the USA.

You can find BuzziSpace in our Showroom

Via 4 novembre 26/28
46024 Moglia (Mantova) Italy

Phone +39 0376 598153