Agenzia TU

“Agenzia Tu” was created for Unicredit Group in 2007 and proposes a new distribution layout, with bright and colourful interiors. The environment is characterised by a series of graphic messages which are the absolute stars of this new space and of this new type of relationship between the Bank and its customers

Island workstation

The island workstation is based on simple combinations of architectural volumes: the cylinder-based lacquered desk supporting a semi-circular top, the filing containers finished in oak and surmounted by an "S” frame in glossy lacquered red, an integral part of that continuous and recognisable design which characterises Agenzia Tu

Communication panels

The continuous and well recognisable corporate identity design, given by the curvilinear shapes and lacquer red which pervade the agency, is put into effect through various details. A perfect example is given by the communication boards, i.e. gloss-lacquered panels in RAL 9010 colour to which backlit Plexiglas display cases are applied, enclosing a welcoming message defined by a rounded red frame.

Waiting Area

The customer is greeted by an ample red circular sofa with a central column bearing the logo of the bank, with lighting below it. The same area houses the Internet Point stations whose elements are made of oak and house the CPU and electrical wiring; these technical spaces are topped with circular lacquered tops supporting the monitor.