Flagship UniCredit Trento

One of the main themes of the renovation of Palazzo Firmiam is the division into two spaces; one historical and one contemporary, maintaining an absolute respect for the original structure of the building. With the new distribution structure of the branch, the various paths are articulated through flows beginning from the corridor with the natural stone columns and pillars, and act as part of a sophisticated technical design for preserving the ancient walls.

Palazzo Firmian

This UniCredit Trento branch consists of a building founded between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and attributable to the patronage of Nicholas 1st Firmian. The decorations of the Palace date back to different periods and it has been renovated several times over the centuries, until the last restoration during the thirties of the twentieth century. The facade has three regular series of rectangular openings, large hinges at the corners and a massive, highly corbelled cornice, which closes it with an articulated plastic effect.


The main entrance of the bank of Trento consists of a marble staircase which appears inserted in an ideal primary solid, from whose mass the steps have been pulled out.


The area open to the public has been organised so as to suggest the immediate use of the various services, the transparent open box spaces communicate completely with the outside. The circular red sofas which mark the waiting area are divided into four segments with a multilayer structure; the seat and back cushions are made of fire retardant polyurethane foam according to specifications. The cover is a fireproof, resin and removable KVADRAT fabric. The base has a brushed steel finish. Each segment is completed by 6 adjustable feet. The internal circular stainless steel flower box is divided into 4 parts, appropriate to placing the selected plants.