Glaxo Verona

The concept of the project curated by Studio Revalue is to create workspaces that are fluid and permeable but at the same time circumscribed and with a recognizable identity. This purpose is achieved through two different projects: on the first and second floor through metal structures called Frame while the immense open space of the third floor is dominated by a structure of vertical partitions obtained with the 6 × 6 system.


The Frame project is built starting from the same 3x3cm metal tubular structure of 4 meters wide 80cm and 2.5 meters high divided into modules that accommodate different elements in order to create stations with different functions: we can find cabinets, open shelves, flower boxes , tables, sound-absorbing panels or sofas.


The third floor of the structure is characterized by a single large open space headed by an imposing curved ceiling with skylights. To enhance the continuity of this space, a sinuous set of linear divisions lowered with respect to the ceiling was designed, consisting of our patented 6x6 system. The solid ash uprights frame curtain walls of fabric, wooden slats or integrated furniture according to the needs of the spaces they enclose.