Palazzo Sciarra

Palazzo Sciarra Colonna di Carbognano

The recovery of the entire floor of the seventeenth century Palazzo Sciarra Colonna, in Via del Corso in Rome, the headquarters of the banking group Capitalia, was completed in 2003.
The need to reconcile the memories of the magnificence and richness of the original building with technical and functional modern requirements (sound and visual insulation, ergonomic furnishings, use of space) was put into effect through the project by architect Coronelli, who wished to create space partitions, whose main structure should recall the idea of a majestic colonnade.


The mobile walls that reach the ceiling at a height of 5 metres, are supported by coupled wooden columns, with an internal supporting metal structure. Precious materials such as ebony, leather and damask fabric were used to emphasise the walls.

Meeting room

The meeting tables have a complex metal supporting structure, designed to serve the modern communication technology, lacquer and ebony have been chosen for the elegant finishes