Pavilion UniCredit

Inserted in the Piazza Gae Aulenti, it connects, in an original way, the park, to the square, to the modern and vertical heights of UniCredit Tower. Made of larch wood and glass, through light and large spaces, the seed by Michele De Lucchi you can breathe the power of nature. Designer building that combines the use of cutting-edge technologies with a deep sensitivity towards nature and that responds to the most stringent international regulations on environmental sustainability.
The seeds fall on the earth and the roots infiltrate the ground to root and grow and grow – added architect Michele De Lucchi. Seeds have a skin that covers them and protects a living, vital, fertile heart. Inside is the essence of life and the magic of those materials that transform and regenerate what they were generated. This seed, he added, is now a wooden building, rightly, on the edge of a large city park. The rounded volume of the seed is placed in front of the tall mirrored glass towers and its soft curves surprise in the middle of the orthogonal and lines of adjacent buildings. It is immediately understood that it is neither an apartment building nor an office building and is memorized with the emotional strength of a monument, a symbol between the nature of the park and the men of skyscrapers.” ( Michele De Lucchi)
The Pavilion has been designed as a new place of dialogue, participation and experimentation, to welcome conferences, cultural events, concerts, artistic exhibitions and much more, favoring the collaboration between the languages of economy, culture and art.

Reception Desk

Reception counters mdf structures with matt lacquered finish embossed white ral 9001, the best for receiving the audience is a slab shaped in red corian.


UniCredit Pavilion is a versatile and multifunctional location, which houses: – the Auditorium on the ground floor, a large space that can be modulated in flexible solutions – the Walkway suspended on the first floor, dedicated to the exhibition of the most diverse artistic forms – the Greenhouse on the top of the building, a bright and suggestive open – space and the Mini Tree nursery, for children from 3 to 36 months

Wardrobe cabinets

Cabinets on wheels, made with maple, have the function of a wardrobe and trolley door. The front doors are composed of a perimeter frame that encloses the internal infill composed of slightly reclining maple slats giving a glimpse of the contents of the cabinet.