Sede Banca Popolare di Mantova

“… the design path for reinterpreting an architectural period building which has hosted different activities and undergone several changes over time such as the Palace of Agriculture in Mantua, essentially consists in detecting its “intended” shape and following its vocation. I think listening, rather than beginning a new story, is what is required. Proportions, volumes, light emerge spontaneously, as if waiting to be revealed, awakened; it is only a matter of being able to interpret them, to describe them with the precision, strictness and simplicity of the language of our time”. Brunello Sighinolfi


In order to interpret the operational needs and the image of the Banca Popolare di Mantova, we designed a catalogue of elements thought up specifically so as to express its uniqueness through an aesthetic language. The system envisages operational functions, compatibility with advanced communication systems and an extreme distribution flexibility.

Consultancy Area

Shapes and colours of the "Totems" express the institutional values of the Bank. The Design of the tables for the consulting stations allows a good level of optimisation of the operational activities and of the spaces