Spazio Xelion Milano

Designed to broaden and deepen the study of the relationship between a virtual and a physical space, the new Xelion showroom of the Unicredito Italiano Group crystallises as the physical place of the web page. One enters attracted by the double-height window: “its transparent cover”. Once inside the physical space of the store, the customer’s experience is based on searching for the gravitation points through which to access the different consulting levels.

The environment is given strongly characterising modular elements. The floors and ceilings strengthen the feeling of floating in zero gravity, through contour fogging effects and a volume break down. The consulting points show strength and stability. Resin floors with a smooth spatula-shaped effect, walls with decorative bricks made ethereal by white paint and false ceilings made of metal mirror panels and black plasterboard with metal chains are opposed to the consulting and browsing worktops made in dark wood (wenge), bright red chairs, technological modular wooden painted cabinets and support structures for the online monitors, which begin from the floor and are lost in the ceiling. A series of moving elements emphasises the flexibility of its use and of space transformation.


Wall curved workstations, with CPU holders with perforated sides, lacquered in silver. Round tables with wenge wood veneered top and base in metal treated with silver paints.


Elliptical staircase with treads in opaque crystal glass, coated in iron sheet folded and painted with metallic silver.