Villa F

Villa F is a private residence characterized by a building open to the garden attached to a higher building. The spaces dedicated to the living area are located on the ground floor, while on the upper floor we find the area dedicated to rest. The interiors and furnishings are developed with the use of few materials and few colors, to avoid too strong contrasts and to correlate the external formal simplicity with the life that takes place inside. The extensive use of elm wood for floors, walls, doors and furnishings, alternates with the use of white and gray opaque lacquers.

Living space

This space is completed by the use of Boiserie with staggered elm staves with different thickness that frames historical furniture designed by great masters.


The kitchen is a big space divided into two areas: one technical / operational and the other convivial. The technical part is configured as a machine for preparing food, with a block suitable for storage (refrigerator, wine cellar, blast chiller), cooking (large traditional oven, microwave oven, island with hood that retracts into the hob and hob) and large operational block with steel top and double sinks included.


The storage system is placed on the long side of the kitchen: an entire wall equipped with white lacquered structure and a red back panel.

Suspended space

The convivial area of ​​the kitchen extends towards the garden, the feeling is that of a suspended space.


The wooden staircase is located on the back wall, covered with elm wood slats, creating a sense of continuity with the upper floor. The glass parapet forms a slight division between the stairs and the containment wall with full-height doors veneered in elm.


The elm doors, protruding from the wall, are artifacts that, in addition to being functional, have a strong aesthetic value. On the right a custom wardrobe with matt lacquer finish finds its place.