Villa R

Nature and elegance are the protagonists of this dwelling and live in perfect harmony.
The house is setted in the Mantova countryside; it is a restored barn surrounded by a green and ordered nature.
This complex presents defined lines, large windows and airiness on one side and a collected porch on the other, showing off the unmistakable style of Tobia Scarpa presented in all the ten rooms as well as the large living area.

The porch

Here the balance between traditional and modern is represented by the use of different materials and technical devices. The wall pattern, the original wooden beams, the stone flooring with brick contours, creates a complex of textures, which are contrasted by the linearity of the pillars and the slenderness of the blue octagonal columns.

The staircase

A glass cube and bubinga encloses the stairs which is inserted in the boundary space between exterior and interior; the staircase is supported by pillars and a wall that emerges into the countryside, underlining the new presence.

The livingroom

The living area has an impressive dimension, with the double high ceiling and the large windows facing the countryside. It consists of two distinct areas, in front there is the living room with the sofas, bookcase, and coffee tables, designed by Tobia Scarpa and made by Cesare Roversi Arredamenti; in the back there is the dining area, with the long bubinga table. The floors are laid with wooden boards that are visible, while the walls are mainly marmorino and exposed brick.

The corridor

In the corridor the wall is clearly visible, textured with terracotta bricks and is interspersed with concrete strips to lighten it. In the background, the sawn oak door with a brass knob is edged with thin solid wood in bubinga.


The first photo highlights the detail of the hexagonal section of the solid oak skirting, while the second shows the wooden beams that compose of the floors.