Zona Buffet Caesius Thermae Spa

The project designed by the Genaral Planning studio is characterized by fully open-space bright and welcoming offices where light colors predominate by adopting colorful accessories. Spaces for meetings are obtained by the design of booths, desks, niches and fully sound-absorbing sliding panels.

Show cooking

At the center of the exhibition was created the show cooking, a specialized area designed for the immediate preparation of food. The show cooking area is a peninsula with a thick top in quartz marble conglomerate, equipped with steel sinks and glass ceramic hobs. The lines are simple and the volumes severe. The oak bases have horizontal doors and are embellished with frames.

Metal structure

The metal structure with copper finish dominates the buffet, having the function of setting up and lighting the food; it is supported by uprights spaced by tubular crosspieces used to connect the structure, creating a decorative pattern.