Complex of three towers
Milano, Piazza Gae Aulenti
Studio Cesar Pelli
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The UNICREDIT TOWER, a complex of three buildings among which the tallest tower in Italy stands out, is the headquarters of UniCredit. Classified as one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world, designed by architect Cesar Pelli, it is part of the district of Porta Nuova, the greatest work of urban renewal in the city centre of Milan and one of the major works in Europe.

The UNICREDIT TOWER is arranged in a semicircle around Piazza Gae Aulenti and consists of three buildings: Tower A, which is 230 metres tall with its “Spire” (78 metres high); Tower B, 100 metres tall and Tower C which is 50 metres tall. The three buildings have an internal structure of reinforced concrete and a glass coating with an interactive membrane system and have obtained the LEED gold certification by the US Green Building Council, thanks to energy saving and CO2 emission reduction.

UNICREDIT TOWER adopted workspace solutions based on open plan, flexibility and transparency. On some floors of Tower A, where this curls under the “Spire”, there is meeting space called “Agorà”, furnished in natural birch. Equipped “cooking areas” with round tables and sofas from which to enjoy an amazing view of Milan have been arranged nearby.

The three Towers are custom-furnished with multi-purpose spaces, meeting rooms, canteen areas, relaxation areas and refreshment points and together with the top floors of tower A were made by Cesare Roversi Arredamenti. The Agenzia Flagship created by the Matteo Thun & Partners studio is located on the ground floor of Tower A and represents the first example of the new smart working concept, which will be extended to all UniCredit agencies throughout the Italian territory.

UniCredit Tower

The UNICREDIT TOWER, a complex of three buildings among which the tallest tower in Italy stands out, was designed by architect Cesar Pelli and is classified as one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in the world; it is part of the district of Porta Nuova, the greatest work of urban renewal in the city centre of Milan and one of the major works in Europe.

UniCredit Tower1
UniCredit Tower2
Reception Lobby

The reception counter is entirely made of synthetic red compound and forms a monochrome continuous front, harmonising with the UniCredit logo. The work surface is made of white synthetic compound, with no visible joints. The base is made of stainless steel. The operational internal part is ready to accommodate the various equipment.

Reception Lobby1
Reception Lobby2
Mini Coffee

You can take a break in these areas dedicated to relaxation and refreshment whilst enjoying a spectacular view of Milan. The massive tables are made of natural oak. They are 6 metres long and have a thickness of 5 cm

Mini Coffee1
Mini Coffee2
Meeting table

The meeting room is dominated by a magnificent elliptical table truncated at its ends. The table, 9 metres long and 3 metres wide at its maximum point, has a top protruding from its base which is in teak finished with solid wood moulded edges. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture consists in its skilful elliptical inlays, which recall the image of a ship's deck. The metal base is built to specification.

Meeting table 1
Meeting table 2
Walnut cupboards

Single-swing hinged walnut veneered furniture selected so as to show a game of symmetries with the grain. The absence of the handles is allowed by the chamfer of the door, obtained from solid walnut.

Walnut cupboards 1
Walnut cupboards 2
Oak tables

The two blocks, which can be placed one inside the other or used independently, are the small tables displayed in the living rooms. Made of natural oak and lacquer, they have 45° bevelled edges along the entire perimeter.

Oak tables1
Oak tables2
Walnut panelling wardrobes

This series of cabinets placed along the corridor suggests the curved profile of the building’s structure. The full-height doors and sides are walnut veneered. The doors have recessed handles.

Walnut panelling wardrobes 1
Walnut panelling wardrobes 2

The supporting structure of these bookcases is made of oak, whilst the backs and doors are lacquered. The doors slide and their guides are embedded in shelves, thereby allowing an  ever-changing configuration of their fronts.


The square tables of "The Garden" restaurant are made from recycled wood; the tops are edged in iron. The bases are also in iron and treated with linseed oil and wax as are their perimeter edges


Modular kitchens characterised by simplicity and clean lines, all custom-designed to specification.

Management reception floors

The floors reserved to UniCredit Management present Reception Spaces placed in the central zone, near the large curved glass wall which overlooks the square. A multiple level design of curves is in evidence on the black lacquered counter. The back wardrobes are made of walnut with full-height single swinging doors and have a play of irregular offset surfaces which creates an interesting light and shadow effect on their fronts.

Management reception floors1
Management reception floors2
Curvilinear cabinets

The series of cabinets lining the main corridor of the managerial floors suggests the curved arc profile of the building’s structure. This long series of full-height cabinets has a cream matt lacquer and oak veneer on its cut surfaces, thus creating internal corridors towards the innermost areas.
Special construction techniques, as well as the use of specially selected and diverse hardware, were required in order to follow this curvilinear shape.

 Curvilinear cabinets1
 Curvilinear cabinets2
Realization Gallery