Cesare Roversi


Architecture for Interiors

Founded in Moglia (Mantua) in 1946, Cesare Roversi Arredamenti is a firm specialising in architecture for interiors and furniture for homes, hotels, and offices.

Production flexibility is a strength at Cesare Roversi, since on one hand, it is able to work on projects on a case-by-case basis, creating furnishings from designs and to size, while on the other, it is able to create serial products on a vast scale, and always with a guarantee of accurate design services, assistance, transport and assembly.

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Manufacture of custom-made furnishings and solutions

All of our manufacturing processes take place in house, from sizing through to painting, delivery and assembly. Our company is the perfect size for sleek, efficient operations and at the same time, to follow design project development with internal staff able to deal with all your needs. We specialise in the prototyping and production of mock ups that guarantee a direct, hands-on approach to design problems.

Technical Surveys Design Prototype production Research and Development
Quality check Internal production Delivery and assembly After-sales assistance

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Special projects

A brand of Cesare Roversi

6×6 is a challenge with a long modernist tradition behind it. It is the result of the Italian tradition that has always combined high craftsmanship and industrial precision, it is also about the background of Bewick, one of the most talented students of that master of design called Michele De Lucchi.


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