6×6 is a intended challenge to the world of furniture and production; an Italian object for a world market, and together with the approach that only through design and the manufacturing of the highest quality can you face our confused world, which constantly calls for innovative solutions on how we will live and what we will look for in places that we will inhabit in the future to come.

6×6 is a challenge with a long modernist tradition behind it. It is the result of the Italian tradition that has always combined high craftsmanship and industrial precision, it is also about the background of Bewick, one of the most talented students of that master of design called Michele De Lucchi.

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6×6 is not a product, it is an open solution that uses a system of natural wood frames, that can be customized with different finishing materials and accessories, to create unlimited configurations of furnishing and space dividers, suitable for many types of interior environments.

Design by
Nicholas Bewick

Carige 2018
Nicholas Bewick